21 April 2009

Alaska News & Wildlife Report

Crime in Anchorage has dropped to a 28-year low, a 12% decrease from last year, and led by a big decrease in property crimes. Strangely, there's someone willing to spin the results so that it looks worse. Read the linked article - but don't try too hard to figure out why the police spokesman is claiming that Chicken Little was right. They face a big budget reduction - and if crime is down, then how do we justify maintaining the current staffing levels ...? Can't blame a guy for fighting for his job, I guess.

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KODIAK -- A Kodiak hunting guide said he believes environmental contaminants are the likely cause of an anomaly increasingly found in Kodiak's deer population.

A growing number of bucks lack a scrotum or evident testes and have the body conformation of does. In most cases, the malformed bucks possess abnormal antlers including unusually sharp points and retention of velvet.

Read the rest here.

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"To live with bears, we may need to kill some bears." Read this opinion piece here.


Lanny said...

When our chicken coop has too many roosters in it many of the roosters will fail to develop all of the typical rooster attributes like wise if there is no rooster for a while one of the hens will begin to develop rooster like qualities. I wonder if that might be the deer's problem?

Rev. Paul said...

Lanny, that's a possibility. The "experts" consulted in the linked article admit that they don't really have any answers.