17 May 2009

Sunday Pictures: Mountains

Top: Downtown Anchorage
2nd: Flattop Mountain
3rd: Mt. Spurr volcano, 80 mi. west of Anchorage
4th: Mt. Susitna "The Sleeping Lady" 75 mi. WNW
Bottom: Mt. Foraker, Mt. Hunter, Mt. McKinley - 125 mi. north
All pics taken Sunday, May 17, 2009


upinak said...

Couldn't see Mt Redoubt?

Just Kidding. I was up towards Mt McKinley this weekend... how cow it felt nice and hot and the lakes have disolved of ice.

Looking forward to getting out there and fishing?

Cassie said...

Love your Sunday pictures. We're on our way home to farrr No.Idaho now and I'm luxuriating in the cool weather! The Rocky Mtns are still covered in snow and Vail Pass (we are taking the long way home) had tons of the white stuff still! Way better than 105 in Phoenix.