18 February 2010

A 2? We Should Aim Lower

The Brady Campaign to Leave Everyone Helpless has issued its lame scorecard again, and Alaska scored a 2* on whatever ahem "standards" cough, cough they use.

We're aiming for zero, Paul/Sarah/Blood-dancer Campaign, so there! Maybe we can do better next time around.

* * * * *

Speaking of lame, the guy who was governor before Sarah Palin (the most unpopular governor in the U.S. at the time, as I recall) says he doesn't hold any grudges against Sarah for "pushing him out of public office."

Gee, that's big of him - but I thought the voters were responsible for that little chore.

However, he's right on one thing:
In a wide-ranging telephone interview with The Associated Press, one of Murkowski's first since Palin drubbed him in the August 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary, he also said environmentalists have effectively shut down resource development in Alaska and that the state must respond or its future will be grim.
Absolutely. As a commenter noted on an earlier post, the enviro-weenies would prefer that we all leave, so that Alaska can remain unspoiled. Fortunately, they're not in charge. Most of them are based out of D.C., which is even more reason to ignore their hapless bleating.

So let me get this right: they don't live here. They don't contribute to the local economy, nor have real jobs. They don't give anything to Alaska, but want to take everything away from us, kick us out, AND tell us what to do & how to live.

They're not even useful idiots.

* * * * *
On another topic, it's 34 and rainy this morning. Yuck - it doesn't feel much like February; more like early April. But AccuHunch guesses we'll have sun this weekend, and the weather gurus seem to think it will turn cold again by next week (I think I said that yesterday - sorry).
I'd better stop here, before my blood pressure goes any higher. Thanks for stopping by.

*If you don't want to go to the link, our two points come from the fact that AK doesn't force college campuses to allow concealed carry. A group of students has been campaigning to get the University of Alaska to permit on-campus carry, but I don't know if they've gained any traction.


The Farmer said...

Montana ended up with 4.
2 for not forcing colleges to allow concealed carry and 2 for not allowing kids under 13 to purchase firearms. Now that is PURCHASE firearms, they may still have them in their possession to hunt non-game animals or target shoot.

30 seconds on that Brady web site makes my blood boil.

Just read an excerpt from a gun mag. The murder rate was down in the U.S. . Firearm sales are at an all time high. Coincidence, I think not.

Did it MY way said...

Florida scored 6. I'm ashamed. We will try harder for zero.

See Ya

Richard said...

I found it interesting that the states that scored the highest were the ones the deepest in debt.

Rev. Paul said...

Richard, that's not at all surprising. Liberals in government tend to restrict or ban firearms AND raise onerous taxes.

joated said...

Okay, so AK doesn't force colleges to allow concealed carry...But do the colleges, in fact, permit persons on campus to protect themselves?

Rev. Paul said...

Joated - No, UA prohibits firearms on campus. It's their policy, but there's a local chapter of the Carry on Campus (or whatever they call themselves) trying to drum up support for allowing it. It might require a change in state law, as that currently prohibits firearms on school property.

Steven M Nielson said...

2... wow... I'm in a 17 state! It could be worse... CA is 79. Hey everyone - let's all try to be like CA! (snickering to self)

Looks like the brady scorecard gives me a honey-do list of just hwo to get to zero! thanks for making it so easy :) Now, to get around those pesky Seattle liberals...

LUCKY said...


I drop in from time to time to still read your blog and catch up on what I have missed. I felt happy reading that my state received a 0. Way to go Utah. :D

LUCKY said...

This blog by you made me start using that wonderful Google search engine and I found a neat article that I posted about. Just wanted to let ya know on a note other than Utah got a 2 that your article sparked some intellectual curiosity on my part that led me to something enlightening.

Rev. Paul said...

Glad I could help, Lucky. It was a good post that you put up, by the way.

LUCKY said...