11 March 2010

Iditarod Update

Dallas Seavey won the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race halfway prize for reaching the Cripple checkpoint first early this morning, but a small cavalry of some of the best mushers in the world were on their sleds out of Ophir well before dawn, bearing down on the leaders. Read about it here.

Current standings:
1 Dallas Seavey (41)
2 John Baker (8)
3 Martin Buser (37)
4 Bruce Linton (65)
5 Robert Nelson (32)
6 Michelle Phillips (36)
7 Jeff King (15)
8 Hugh Neff (56)
9 Mitch Seavey (19)
10 Sebastian Schnuelle (35)

The leader board can be found here. If you're more visually-oriented, here's an interactive map.

1 comment:

joated said...

WOW! The interactive map and leader board at the sites you've linked are better than what they've got over at the official site. Thanks!