13 April 2010

Alaska Legislative Update 4/13/10


The Alaska Firearms Freedom Act (HB 186) will be heard before the Senate Finance Committee this morning at 9:00 AKDT.

They will also hear HB 319, for the modernization of the rules governing the procedure for issue of an Alaska concealed carry permit (not required in-state, but recognized by most other states for carry there).


A federal mandate to carry health insurance isn't sitting well with some Alaska lawmakers. The House Judiciary Committee advanced a state health care policy bill Monday in a 5-2 vote. By stating a person has the right to choose or decline health care, the policy conflicts with federal health care reform legislation recently signed into law. Some public employees would be exempt if their employer, such as the state or university system, requires they buy insurance.

The overall intent is to establish grounds for a lawsuit with the federal government, should the governor and attorney general pursue one.


Steven M Nielson said...

Thanks for the update! It is imperitive to keep an eye on our local leaders as well as the feddies in DC!

I like that your state has taken a stand on the healthcare issue. Our minority Repubs attempted to, but it is being killed until next session... Once we retake the state in 2010 and 2012, there will be some opposition to the federal mandates... I just feel it to be so!

P.S. - I may be one of those heading to the state capitol in 2010. I will have a solid decision by the middle of next week, and am ready to go as a state representative candidate... if and when that happens, could I ask you to provide some comments on my behalf? I would run them on my campaign web page as testimony to my political character. I'll keep you in the loop. And thanks in advance.


Rev. Paul said...

Steven, I'd be happy to help however I can. If you decide to run (and I'd be surprised only if you DON'T), just let me know. You'd be a force for good in Olympia.