06 January 2011


According to a report in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner,

Alaska State Troopers didn’t have to do much work to come up with a suspect in the New Year’s Day theft of an ATV trailer.
His wallet was found in the snow next to where the trailer had been parked. And when they went to the address listed on the ID in the wallet, they found the trailer.

You can't fix stupid, even with duct tape. Read more at the link.

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USA Today has a column by Nick Jans, a writer/outdoorsman/author well-known to Alaskans. His articles are frequently featured in Alaska Magazine.  It seems he doesn't think much of "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on TV:

Palin is presented as the embodiment of The Great Land itself -- tough, unpretentious and aw-shucks alluring. But as she ushers us from bear viewing to bonking halibut, the Palin that emerges just doesn't live up to her backdrop. You don't have to be a mountain man to see past the thin veil of smoke and mirrors.
Read more at the link, but it's safe to say that the better we get to know her, the less likely any political future seems. She's a populist, and a great motivational speaker ... but that's all.
And if you're remembering that I was on the Palin bus for awhile ... well, yes I was. Emphasis is on was.

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The weather here has finally turned cold again; we lost about half of our snow cover during the previous week. But it's only 23 today, and the weatherman says it will be 5 overnight. 'Tis okay with us.

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