02 March 2011

Watchmen Asleep?

In my day, I've lived through the build-up for Viet Nam, was on active duty during those final years, and during the reduction in force that took place afterward. I watched the military be re-built under Ronald Reagan, and then torn down again during the Clinton years. We have not recovered from that time.

When I enlisted in the Navy, we had three times as many surface warships as there are now. That's only one example, I know, but you know I'm right.

The enemies which we faced down during the Cold War era are rebuilding now, while our recent leaders haven't seemed to care. I grant you that our modern fighting forces are the best we've ever had, and they have superior weaponry ... but watching our foes re-arm themselves would leave me in great apprehension if I didn't know Him who is the Author of history and of my redemption.

My increasingly-close friend DR over at The Maritime Sentry has linked to a report which puts much of this in perspective. Head on over and take a look.

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DR said...

Thank you for the link and the friendship.

I believe it's our navel and air vantage we should be exploiting the most. It will take China and Russia longer to catch up in those areas. Though at least in the air Russia is not far behind. China's ship building ability is also impressive.

One thing that drives me crazy is Russian and China does not count their defense budgets the same way we do. Billions of dollars go uncounted. That allows the liberal media to foster a false narrative that we are vastly outspending the whole world.

Also personnel cost and materials tend to be cheaper for Russian and China which must be factored in.

Reagan's vision for our Navy was brilliant it's one we should return to.