22 February 2012

Alaska Bill Would Criminalize Invasive TSA Pat-Downs

From the Tenth Amendment Center, this excerpt:
A bill introduced by Alaska lawmaker and TSA grope victim Rep. Sharon Cissna would criminalize both invasive pat downs and body scans that produce naked images conducted by the federal agency, setting the stage for another states’ rights battle with the government.

When Texas lawmakers tried to pass a similar law last year, the federal government threatened to enforce a no fly zone over the Lone Star State, and the measure was eventually defeated after a lengthy legislative struggle.

Cissna was barred from flying by the TSA after an incident at SEA-TAC International Airport last year during which she refused to undergo an intrusive pat down after she had already passed through a naked body scanner. The scan results showed scars from her breast cancer surgery, prompting TSA officials to insist she undergo secondary screening.

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Jenny said...


ProudHillbilly said...

Warrantless searches performed by people who aren't law enforcement. And whatever happened to that "right to privacy" thing? Seems it only exists when someone wants to kill a child.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TSA at Sea-Tac. A few years ago while waiting for my turn to prove I wasn't an Islamic terrorist,I got to amuse myself watching two Arabic TSA agents, a man and a woman,converse back and forth in Arabic. I have to prove, by stripping, that I'm not a terrorist to Arabic TSA agents. I don't fly anymore

Groundhog said...

We tried it. Our House passed it unanimously. Our "ahem" Senate woosed out. Bunch of pussies one and all. Good luck.