20 February 2012


I have been dealing for several years with computerized HVAC controls in the buildings I manage - both here & at my last job.

The system is an excellent one, allowing me to do everything from controlling individual thermostats to turning lights on and off from my desktop. I can even control the temperature of the heated sidewalks outside without leaving my office.

An excellent one, that is, until something doesn't work right. This particular manufacturer's product is serviced by exactly one guy here in Alaska, and he has always been a bit, let's say, hit-or-miss in the reliability and promptness categories. For example, I have been waiting over a year for a written proposal from this gentleman regarding a service/maintenance contract. Today, he e-mails that he still intends to get that to me.

Apparently, it's never occurred to the guy to wonder what possible reason I would have to recommend putting him on retainer if he can't even produce a proposal in less than a year?

Pardon me while I grind my teeth.


Angel Heart Studio said...

That will just make your jaws hurt :(

Stephen said...

I'd be made as hell too.

Keads said...

That is madness inducing. BTDT!