18 February 2012

Morning Thoughts

It's seasonably cool (19 degrees) and was getting light already by 8 a.m. I find that the long hours of mid-winter darkness don't really bother me, but I'm a big fan of the season (like now) when the days grow longer. We're gaining just shy of six minutes of daylight, daily.

My wife is heading out to pick up some groceries, younger daughter is finishing her last cup of coffee; older daughter & I will do a bit o' shopping on our own, and then - if there's time - maybe a long-overdue trip to the range.

It's supposed to be clear & sunny today, but clouds and snow are in the forecast for tonight, and for several days thereafter.

You know, one more cup of coffee sounds good to me, too.


45er said...

A trip to the range. Brrr. I'm spoiled and that's ok.

PolyKahr said...

The "Go To The Range" club met yesterday. Three of us showed up for breakfast, then went to the range. But it was so busy, they said it would be an hour's wait! Unfortunately, I had to meet Mrs. PolyKahr at Adventure Landing for grand daughter's birthday, so no shooting for me. Hope you got to shoot some.

Best wishes,