22 February 2012

Springtime in Alaska

Spring is a relative term, of course, and the vernal equinox merely a date on the calendar. Warm weather ushering in the season we call "break up" is a whole 'nother thing.

This time of year brings other things, up here: the Fur Rondy with its World Championship Sled Dog Races, the Iditarod Trail Race, Iron Dog snowmachine racing, more daylight, and usually more snow.

Here are some things we tend to see from February to April each year.


Guffaw in AZ said...

...and Germany!
(sorry. had the Producers meme pop into my hear from your post title...)

Rev. Paul said...

That's funny, right there. :)

Groundhog said...

What the heck is the second from last? The running of the rein deer?

Rev. Paul said...

Groundhog - yep. Part of the annual Rondy festivities. Right down the middle of 4th Avenue, downtown. :)