22 March 2012

But What About the Flying Car?

This is some cool stuff - Robotic Trends for 2012

According to the NRI, co-robots must be safe, relatively cheap, easy to use, available everywhere, and interact with humans to “leverage their relative strengths in the planning and performance of a task.” “A lot of us are turning our attention in that direction,” said a researcher from our panel of experts. (No wonder so many U.S. roboticists spent the latter portion of 2011 drafting proposals!) The program’s scope is broad, but the key aspect of co-robots is clear: Co-robots must interact with humans.

 Click the link to read the whole article. All I can say is, we may get our Star Trek future yet.

p.s. Hey, Popular Science - I'm still waiting for my flying car. You promised!

h/t Teresa

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Brigid said...

Molt Taylor, who made the, of not one of the, original flying cars, flew (in a regular airplane) into my little airport where I was pumping gas (the gas lass, they called me)m from his home town of Longview, WA. I was about 16. He was old and cranky and called me HON, which at my age of knowing more than the rest of the world, irritated me, but you know, he was really cool. He found out I was learning to fly and was already in college majoring in engineering (I started at 14 but switched majors when Boeing laid off about 3000 folks). So he mailed me some stuff on his original design. I still have it, a lifetime later.