16 March 2012

Friday Morn, Updated

It's not a bad one. Started out at 9 degrees with clear skies & northern lights just visible to the north of town. They were still bright at 4:30 - 4:45 am, but were fading by the time I got outside around 6:00. Oh well.

It will be sunny and 30 degrees, or so they say ... an altogether delightful forecast. If the doing is as good as the telling, it will be nice.

As we hurtle toward the summer solstice (only 3 months away), it's already light in the sky at 7 am, and still light enough to go walking at 9 pm. We're gaining just shy of six minutes of light daily. And yes, we still have over three feet of compacted snow on the ground, with more on the way.

The days are longer, but spring is a 6+ weeks away. It will be a wet, sloppy season of melting snow, flooding in various places (including local parking lots and intersections), and avalanches. The last time we had anywhere near this much snow, it was followed by a hot, dry summer. I hope that's not a prediction.

Y'all take care. I may have free ice cream later.

UPDATE: it's been cloudy with a freezing fog all morning. So much for "sunny & clear."  But what did you expect?  Just remember that the National Weather Service was created with a commission to document weather conditions around the country. Only a bureaucrat would expect that a government-empowered panel would be able to predict the future.

See what I did there?

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