08 March 2012

From the Caer: A Pair of Brass Ones

From the Caer: A Pair of Brass Ones: The most entertaining of the Fluke commentaries I've read so far, from Lori Ziganto, a lady who clearly has brass ovaries in an age where too many men in public life have misplaced an important part of their anatomies:

Not one has even questioned the veracity of the statements in her ‘testimony’, which were so absurd they were almost comical. Most of it was typical slacker/entitlement mentality nonsense. We are to feel sorry for her, a thirty year old woman at Georgetown Law School, because she can’t afford some things. Paying for one’s own birth control is an ‘untenable burden’. No, really. She said that.
 Go. Read the whole thing.

h/t ProudHillbilly

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