24 March 2012

In the Wee Hours

Woke up early this morning, for no particular reason. Now, post-shower, I'm just waiting for the coffee to finish.

There was snow in the forecast for last night, but that didn't happen. It's windy & 20 degrees; the weather gnomes at AccuHunch are guessing we'll get up to ... wait a sec ... 41 degrees? Yeah, that's what it says. Okay, then. If it does, it does. T'will be a bloody mess on the roads, if that's the case, as some melting will turn the bits that are dry into puddles again. Ah, well.

The political news continues its depressing blather about which candidate will be this or that ... blah, blah, blah. I don't see that any of them (other than perhaps Ron Paul who, bless his heart, doesn't have a snowball's chance of ever working in the Oval Office) will make any significant difference.

The coffee pot is making it's final gurgles, so that just became my highest priority for the nonce. Have a great weekend, folks.


Guffaw in AZ said...

You, as well, my friend!

Stephen said...

For some strange reason I had a urge to make a pot of nice hot and strong tea...it seemed to help.

Rev. Paul said...

gfa - thank you.

Stephen, I understand. If the coffee hadn't helped, I'd have gone for the tea as a failsafe.

Old NFO said...

You do the same Sir! :-) Coffee=Good!

Rev. Paul said...

Old NFO, you betcha!