09 March 2012

Known By The Company You Keep

My wife and I have, like most Alaskans, become huge fans of on-line shopping. While the number of stores here has increased dramatically over the last decade, the selection can be ... well, limited. Alaska is at the end of the supply chain for most of these vendors, and it shows. We get last year's rejects, and returns, and very limited quantities of what's new. And I've mentioned before that Amazon.com is my BFF. :)

So my wife was looking at one of those sites that promotes multiple vendors. They listed 1-800-Flowers.com, among others. We've had a very bad experience with them ... but here, I'll let her tell you what she wrote to the website:

I wish to report that one of your listed vendors [1-800-flowers.com] does not provide quality service and I will never use them again, nor will I ever recommend them to anyone.

Early last week I placed an order for birthday flowers, requesting delivery on Saturday March 3rd for a relative living 4,000 miles away. After multiple calls to that relative on 3/3, she sadly reported that nothing had been delivered. We waited until the delivery window on the order confirmation had passed to allow as much delivery time as possible. At that point we researched the order tracking and discovered that while this vendor quickly took delivery of our money for the order, the order itself was never processed. My family and I routinely place flower orders online through other vendors and this is the first time in more than 10 years that an order was not delivered.

Fortunately, we paid through PayPal and reported this to them immediately after filing a complaint with the vendor. PayPal quickly intervened and refunded our money, but we never even receive an apology from 1800flowers.com.

This was my first experience shopping on your website and at this point I am rather reluctant to use any of the other vendors listed. 

I don't often mention shopping or experiences with this-or-that company, but sometimes ... a word to the wise?

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Groundhog said...

That outfit just farms out to whatever local place they can find. Pretty much like Forest Gump and the box of chocolates with them.