24 March 2012

Mid-Day Report

Spent much of the morning retrieving materials to wrap & package the PC for my mother, and getting that big box ready to go.

My wife's baking egg bread, which we'll have for lunch in about an hour. Dinner tonight is tacos with all the fixin's and standard sides, made fresh by the household chefs.

I'm gonna have to walk a little farther than normal at the track, tomorrow, to offset today's good food. But it's worth it.


Stephen said...

Anytime Little Bit visits she begs for tacos. "Please, Papa, you make the bestest tacos in the world." I wish. Egg bread?

Rev. Paul said...

Egg bread is simply regular white bread with eggs added, which tastes a bit richer while lending a yellowish color.

Old NFO said...

Enjoy the Tacos! :-)