02 March 2012

"Moose Stomp 2 Alaska Women"

In a copyright story from www.adn.com:
Two Susitna Valley women were stomped by moose Thursday as they walked children to bus stops.

A woman in Talkeetna suffered injuries to her lower leg. The other woman had injuries to her ribs in a stomping near Willow. She was taken to a hospital, Alaska State Troopers spokeswoman Megan Peters said.

No children were hurt in either incident. Peters says both women placed themselves between the moose and the children to protect them.

... snip ... Moose encounters in Alaska are growing this year because of heavy snow. Moose have become agitated after having to walk through the snow to find food. Oftentimes they use roadways and cleared paths as a means of least resistance, putting them in the paths of people and vehicles.

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Guffaw in AZ said...

Certainly not the Bullwinkle with which we are all familiar...

North said...

Obviously there needs to be a law against moose stomping.

Also: I can't decode if Moose Stomp would be a better band name or the name of a bar. That is, if it isn't already the name of an Alaskan town.

Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw: there was (srsly) a Buzzwinkle, a moose living in downtown Anchorage who had a habit of eating fermented choke cherries & then staggering around in traffic, but he finally died of old age.

North: Moose Stomp is the name of a dance. The band's name is Road Kill, and they play at Chickenstock - the summer festival in Chicken, Alaska. :)

(Sidebar ... the townsfolk there wanted to call it Ptarmigan, but when the Post Office came to establish a zip code, no one could remember how to spell it. So it became "Chicken" instead.)

45er said...

Eeeek! Time to start carrying the .454