22 March 2012

This & That

It's another sunny, cold day, with a temp of only 22 at 4:15 pm. That's supposed to moderate over the next few days and rise to seasonal norms in the mid-30s. The weatherman is hinting we'll probably get the snow we need to break the record by Monday or Tuesday, too. I'll wait and see.

The sun has helped the D.O.T. clear many of the roads, and there are long stretches where at least one lane is reasonably dry. The 6+ foot high snow berms haven't started melting yet, so there's plenty of flooding in our near-future.

I'll be packing up & shipping a PC to my mom - hers has been going for quite awhile, and the motherboard finally fried. Oldest Daughter recently replaced hers with a spiffy new upgraded-everything model, and bequeathed her older one to me. I've spent parts of the last three days cleaning up the hard drive, but had no idea what to do with the CPU until my mom told me her tale.

The anticipation of what passes for spring, here, is making everyone into zombies. The bright sun helps - a lot - but it's not the same as seeing bare ground. I'm afraid the "bare ground will start sprouting grass" stage is still more than two months away. Last time we approached this much snow, the open areas weren't clear until May 20, and nothing green sprouted until early June.

Just part of the rich pageant of Alaskan life, eh?

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Teresa said...

Okay I'm cold just reading that!!! LOL. It's about 70 and sunny today. I quite like it. ;-)