12 April 2012

Alaska Shorts #2

All the news that fits, we print.

What a Beautiful Morning Dept: No furniture has collapsed on or around me today.  :)

One Liberal at a Time Dept: Local newspaper columnist Julia O'Malley set out to interview the champion all-women shooting team, but was told she'd first have to fire a shotgun, just to know how it feels.
Dave Kaiser, my coach, stood on my right. He's a white-bearded, retired Alaska State Trooper with a voice as steady as a hostage negotiator. He'd just handed me the gun. Part of the exercise was that I didn't know whether it was loaded. So far it had been mostly aim and click.

This is what a writer has to go through to write about champion shooting team CKA (Chicks Kick Ass), the only all-women's shooting team at Birchwood Recreation and Shooting Park. CKA recently bested every other team at the park after 16 weeks of competition. ... Out whizzed a black and orange disk the size of a hockey puck. I zeroed in on it just above the tip of my barrel and squeezed the trigger. Bang! The vibration ricocheted in my gut. The target spun lopsided to the ground. I killed it! With my shotgun! The caveman I didn't realize lived inside me was jumping up and down and clapping giant hands.
"That was cool," I yelled at Kaiser.

She discovered how much fun it is to hit what you're aiming at. Next, we try to convince her it's not atavistic to like it.

What Else Ya Got? Dept:  Rep. Sharon Cissna, the State legislator who famously declined to be felt up by TSA stooges last year & had to travel by barge from Seattle to Juneau, has announced she's going to run against Don Young for Alaska's sole U.S. House seat. Rep. Young has held that seat for 40 years.
"I'm not running against anyone in the primary or in the general," Cissna said "I'm running for Alaska."
It seemed from her remarks, however, that she was running against the Transportation Security Administration, which attempted to give her a pat-down search last year at the Seattle airport when she was returning to Juneau. Cissna, a breast cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy, refused the search and ended up taking four days to get back to Juneau by way of ferry, rental car, small plane and taxi.
"I am running, not really because this is something I've ever dreamed of -- it's not something I ever dreamed of," she said. But another thing she never dreamed of, she said, was what happened in Seattle on Feb. 20, 2011, and which she has turned into a national campaign.
"I would have never expected that we would have a government program that touched children in highly inappropriate ways, touched elders with dementia and Alzheimer's in highly inappropriate ways," Cissna said. Changing the TSA needs to get done in Washington, D.C., she said."I'm in the race for a reason that is not of my choosing. I didn't choose what happened to me," she said.

I learned long ago not to choose a single-issue candidate; I want to know what else she stands for, before I'd cast my vote for her. And I'm not saying I won't ... I just don't know enough about her, yet.

Unalaska Police Blotter Dept:  and finally, there's this:
Trespass - Officer issued a trespass advisement to a poorly potty-trained housemate who routinely voided in the homeowner's houseplants.

You can't make this stuff up.

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2012/04/11/2417512/unalaska-police-blotter-watering.html#storylink=cpy


Duke said...

That would be a first for me....shooting skeet in the snow.

Rev. Paul said...

Duke, if we didn't shoot in the snow up here, we'd be unable to shoot six months out of the year. You do what you have to do.

Having warm weather year-round sounds like an unimaginable luxury to me.

AKgrrrl said...

We still have a couple feet here...:( We got a place we shoot out on the back part of the property and I sink every few steps lol!