09 April 2012


The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, 40 miles southeast of Anchorage, has ... ahem, misplaced a bear.
300 pounds of "feed me NOW"

We're not talking Winnie the Pooh here: this is a Kodiak brown bear named Shaguyik. The story says they turned off the electric fence for maintenance last Tuesday, and "something spooked" the bear.

It was last seen in the mountains to the east of the Center, between the Portage Valley and Placer.

Or they could just hang out in the area, and Shaguyik will find them.  Srsly, how the heck do you lose a BEAR?


Anonymous said...

The real problem I see is the bears there are used to seeing people, being fed by the caretakers, up close photos through a wire fence and are not afraid of people at all. I know, I have taken pictures of Hugo and the others for years. There isn’t enough food for him right now in the wild and he wouldn’t know how to get it if there were. In addition, he is used to dog food and meat as available…once again given to him by people. I think he will be in contact with someone when he gets hungry. How the people handle that contact will be a huge concern. He won’t know how to handle it either. I am surprised he was spooked. I have been there when they amble around the fence as a front loader moves dirt across the small road in front of their enclosure. Must have been quite an event to make him run.


Paintsmh said...

Uhm I don't want to be the one to find him!

ProudHillbilly said...

If he's raiding my bird feeder he absolutely gets to.

Old NFO said...

Um... interesting??? Is that the word I'm looking for??? :-)

Rev. Paul said...

SS: it's sad, as you said. The poor thing doesn't know that any humans he comes in contact with AREN'T there to feed him. First contact's gonna be a problem.

Paintsmh: me, either.

PH: anything he wants.

Old NFO: interesting? We can only hope it's not fatal for either the bear or whomever he comes across, first. If that person's an Alaskan, the bear will most likely wind up dead.

Murphy's Law said...

Some downstate feel-good hippie will come by and save the bear. They all know how to commune with nature. Paging Tim Treadwell!

Mrs. S. said...

Lost a bear. No the bear ditched them.

joated said...

"Srsly, how the heck do you lose a BEAR?"

Should be easy. I hear Alaska's a big place. ;-)