01 April 2012

Isn't It a Lovely Day

Good morning. It's 33 degrees and raining this morning. AccuHunch, which has been forecasting a rain/snow mix for each of the last three or four days, insists there's a 60% of it again today. However, this is the first day there's been any precip, so ... I guess if they keep calling for it often enough, then sooner or later they're bound to be right.

Spring fever is rearing its little head around here, and we're taking measurements in all the clothes closets with an eye toward getting new shelving/clothes-rod units in there. Meanwhile, both daughters were up until midnight cleaning out/winnowing/discarding.

I managed to wrench my lower back somehow or other, and am having trouble standing up straight. Hrrmph.

Oh well, it's time to go look at modular shelving units. Have a great day!


Stephen said...

Awful here today, 88 degrees. All this sun is terrible on my complexion. I like the moose header...

Rev. Paul said...

88? I don't know how you stand it. 75 is almost too hot for us, even in summer.

And thank you for the kind remark about Mr. Moose.