29 April 2012

Range Day: AAR

Both daughters went to the range again this morning, with more ammo (they ran out, last week, after going through the 400 rounds of .22 they'd taken).

When they got home, I showed Younger Daughter how to clean the .22 she used. At the end, she said, "You know, Dad, I think I'm ready to try something bigger. Would you teach me to shoot your other rifle, next time?"

It's a Weatherby Vanguard in .270 Win, and you know what? I don't mind one bit. I've been needing to take it there, anyway. :)


drjim said...

Yep, I'm going next Sunday.
We're going to the Chino Airshow again this year on Saturday, and I plan on shooting a LOT of pictures again this year!

Carteach said...

Good kids! Raised right, and they'll be okay.