15 April 2012

Range Report

Older daughter & I went to the Wet Bunny Range, where we met friend Tom. She and Tom are preparing for upcoming Appleseed shoots: for Tom, that's next weekend. Daughter will have to wait until June due to her work schedule.

But the range has been (mostly) cleared of snow. There was a bright, thin overcast, and a mild breeze directly into our faces, but not enough to be bothersome.

Our primary purpose was to check the zero on the new Tech Sight peep sights I installed at Christmas time. Mine took more adjust than hers, probably due to the way I hold the rifle. Still, we got the li'l bullets to go right where we wanted.

After some adjustment, I put a new orange sticker in the center of the target and fired five shots. The first one was a mistake (dang it!) but the next four went pretty close to where I was aiming.

I figured four shots in a 7/8" vertical spread at 27 yds was pretty decent for these old eyes. I fired a few more after this, but my attention was beginning to waiver. Daughter wanted to stay ... and stay ... and stay, but we had other stops to make.

It was good to send some lead downrange, after a long snowy winter. She wants to go back again next weekend, so I'll take the .270 & the .22 next time, and see if I can still hit what I put the scope on. But it didn't go too badly after after several months of not shooting. Granted, a .22 isn't as challenging as a higher-powered rifle, but it's a start.

After leaving the range, we visited a couple of big-box sporting goods places, looking for ammo. Daughter wanted some Federal .22, and it seems no one has any. I picked up a couple boxes of .45 auto from RWS, which I haven't tried before. The salesman said he runs in his 1911 alongside Winchester white-box, and can't tell the difference.

We shall see. Ooh - another reason to go back to the range.  I love springtime!


drjim said...

A day at the range (or even a few hours) is always worthwhile!

Jenny said...

Very cool! I'm glad you had fun! :)
(Also - hi Tom!)

PS - nice steady hand there Reverend!

AKgrrrl said...

It's like the T-shirt says: It's group therapy:) Glad you guys had so much fun!