11 April 2012

Rough Morning

Our income tax balance due is literally 5.5 times more than we paid a year ago. Yes, we had a bit more income, but ... 5.5 times??


This morning, the plan was that I would take a wing off of my desk, and put a new desk where the wing used to be. This would leave the hutch, credenza, and printer stand in an L-shaped configuration behind me. 

I removed three screws, and the entire C-shaped desk/credenza/hutch/wing/stand collapsed in slow motion as it rolled forward. Every joint popped and came apart, spraying screws & wood fibers ... and I got to stand and watch helplessly at the wrong end as the printer went somersaulting across the floor. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

No, I'm not hurt - I had just enough time to get out of the way. Yes, the printer is bent & non-functional. And the janitor had to haul away two loads of particle board segments of what used to be a big workstation.


AccuHunch is promising that we'll have temps near 50 degrees for the rest of the week. The last time it got up to 50 degrees in Anchorage was October 8th.


Matt said...

I'm under the impression that you did your own taxes. Since you're already paying that much, why not take a chance and spens a little more and let someone else try them on the chance they might get you a better deal?

threecollie said...

What a disaster!! I am so sorry.

Stephen said...

I'm so sorry. Like you, our income taxes due are far more than last years. It hurts. Hey, two old wooden doors, a couple sheets of plywood, and four saw horses...desk in the shape of an L.

Anonymous said...

Go home and crawl back into bed..sorry you had such a bad day.


Mrs. S. said...

Sorry to hear about the taxes and the fall-apart desk.

With warmer temps, maybe you'll at least be able to get some sun and make some Vitamin D. Spring is on its way.

Old NFO said...

That truly sucks... Sorry to hear things fell apart (literally) on you.

Keads said...

It is not your fault. Pressed particle board crap does NOT do well after assembled. Period. Glad you are ok.