01 May 2012

OWS Anchorage: Evening Update

The plumbing workers' tent is gone - for so a commenter on the previous post says it was - and so are the (cough, ahem) protesters. I just checked the webcam aimed at the Square, and it shows two pedestrians where the few (ahem, cough) protesters were, earlier.

Meanwhile, the temp has dropped from 52 to 40, and the winds are whipping through there at a pretty good clip; I suspect the windchill is below freezing.

Not the best day for hanging out in the park, waving signs and chanting/singing about ... well, whatever they thought they were protesting. I have no doubt they - if protesters they truly were - were quite sincere in their beliefs. Most of us happen to disagree, that's all.

Once again, reality trumps visions of la-la land, where we're all drinking the socially-just kool-aid.


drjim said...

Yeah, it appeared to be a bust down here in L.A., too.
The local "news" channels were giving it a lot of coverage, but I had my trusty Uniden BC796D scanner running all day, and the police were keeping things well under control.
If "something" started, they quashed it immediately.

Groundhog said...

Maybe you're too far north for the 'fleas' to breed. I see the infection has spread never the less.

Rev. Paul said...

drjim - obviously, places like Seattle wish they were as quiet as here. Interesting that LA was quiet, too.

Groundhog, it's possible. I almost called this blog "Too Far North", but that's an exaggeration: there are lots of folks farther north of Anchorage.