29 August 2012

New Followers

Welcome, Sandy!  You can find her blog at Oklahoma Transient, and it's worth a look. On that topic, I neglected to similarly welcome Garry - whose writings can be found here and here - and for that I apologize.

You're among friendly, mostly-like-minded folks here. :)  Thanks for stopping by & hanging around. I appreciate it.

UPDATE: Flier389 just clicked the "Follow" button, too.  You can find him at Granddad's Corner. Give him a look-see, and perhaps you can help with his Bob fund. (Now you HAVE to go, to find out what that is.)  :)


Flier389 said...

Well, I'll be. I could of swore that I was a follower of yours. Fixed that real quick.

Sandy said...

Thanks Rev Paul for the welcome greeting.

Rev. Paul said...

Flier389, I updated the post to include a link to your site. Thanks again.

Sandy, you're welcome. I'll try to always answer comments - and if I forget, you're welcome to 'nudge' me.

Garry said...

Thanks for the warm welcome and the links to my blogs.


Old NFO said...

Gonna check em out! :-)