23 August 2012

Thursday's Randomosity

The new header, above, is the Tanana Chief riverboat on the Chena River in Fairbanks. Now you know.

* * * * *
On Tuesday evening, sightseers along Turnagain Arm (some 20 miles southeast of Anchorage) spotted nearly 20 beluga whales in distress. It seems they'd become stranded on a sandbar at low tide. But wonder of wonders, rather than enviro-greenie-weenies rushing out in boats to "do something", authorities flew over in a chopper, saw that the whales were okay, and decided to wait for the rising tide & see what happened.

Sho'nuff, when the waters came up, the whales went on their way.

* * * * *
Just in case you thought air travel isn't crowded enough, several airlines are going to install slimmer Recaro seats to gain an extra row or two for more passengers.  They insist that there won't be any loss of legroom. While that may be true, I'm awfully tired of bouncing in line, waiting for a chance at the three tiny restrooms shared among 130 passengers.

I hate to complain, but I'm 6'2" and 240 pounds. I'm losing weight, but did I mention those restrooms are tiny?

And speaking of weight, it remains to be seen how long those noticeably thin seats will provide support to someone my size or larger.

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ProudHillbilly said...

I'm 5' 1" and I think it's already cramped enough...

Old NFO said...

Oh... THOSE seats are truly going to suck, and head space/lines ALREADY suck!!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

My last stop, just before boarding, is a restroom. My first stop after getting off? Most anything to avoid using the on board facility. Works because most of my trips are under three hours.

zdogk9 said...

6'2" 240# is a perfectly normal size
The chairs are too small

Rev. Paul said...

PH & Old NFO: agreed.

WSF: I understand. The closest US airport from here is 3.5 hours to Seattle. Honolulu is 5.5+ hours. Just no such thing as short flights outside of the state.

zdogk9: modesty permits me to agree with you. :)