30 September 2012

Feelin' It

We went back to the gym this morning, for the first time since spring. You know those places that hurt when you haven't worked out for awhile?


* * * * *

There was a heavy frost this morning, but at only 29 degrees, it rolled up into thick curlicues. Then the fog rolled in, and it's just now clearing.

* * * * *

We'll find out this morning if the Wet Bunny Range is still closed ... and if so, if/when they plan to reopen. The next range up the highway is 40 miles away, and has higher fees than the Bunny, which is only three miles distant.

* * * * *

The newspaper confirms that while only a quarter-inch of snow stuck on the cars and grassy areas here in town yesterday, the upper hillside (not far from here) received seven inches of snow. Sadly, that's not a record.  :)

While the average first snowfall is Oct. 17, the earliest on record was Sept. 20. The seven inches isn't a record, either, because the official NWS station is at Sand Lake (southwest Anchorage), in a part of town that traditionally sees the least amount of snow.

That goes a long way toward explaining why we received 165" of snow at my house last winter, the all-time record (also this past winter) was only 133-point-something inches.

* * * * *

As predicted, customers streamed into local tire shops yesterday, wanting to get their snow tires mounted. One local shop which takes reservations said they're booked up for the coming week.

I'll wait a few days before even trying to get our vehicles in. The forecast guesses we'll be warming back into the 40s in the coming week, so it probably won't snow again soon.

We hope.

Thanks for stopping by, friends, and may your day be filled with happiness.


Sandy said...

LOL.....I know exactly what you're talking about having pain in areas that haven't worked out in a while.

Hopefully, the snow will go for a while and temperatures will rise just a bite giving you time to get your winter tires.

Stay warm and have a great day!

joated said...

Every time I go up to the Bolt Hole, I get on the NY Thruway at Weedsport. The highway folks have a snow plow parked next tot he ramp with a note painted on the blade: "200 inches of snow, 2010-2011" it reads.

threecollie said...

I am shivering on your behalf. Brrr.....