14 September 2012

Friday Doldrums

This has been such a strange summer, weather-wise.  We've had cool & wet before ... often, in fact ... but this year has been windy.

Meteorologists will tell you that Anchorage isn't a windy place (tall tales aside) because we're surrounded by mountains on three sides. With the city nestled literally against the Chugach Range, we tend to be dry when all around us is rainy, the infamous "rain shadow" effect.

This year we've had winds, often. Last week's hurricane-force winds, lasting for 36 hours, did a number on this place: thousands of trees down, and much of town left without power for several days.

Now AccuHunch predicts we'll get Round 2, beginning Saturday night into Sunday ...
"Winds... .southeast 70 to 85 mph with possible gusts to 100 mph along Turnagain Arm and the Upper Hillside. For the rest of Anchorage... southeast 35 to 50 mph with possible local gusts to 65 mph."
Yay. This threat is exacerbated by those trees which were pushed over, but haven't yet fallen. With all this rain, the ground is soft ... too soft. One more good push & they'll all go down.

Older Daughter works on Saturday this week, so we planned a range trip for Sunday morning. That isn't sounding like such a good idea now, as the storm is expected to peak on Sunday.

So we'll batten the hatches once more, and settle in for another wet & wild weekend.  Thanks for stopping by.


Matt said...

Ugh! sorry you guys are getting another dose of this.

Keep us updated as you can.

ProudHillbilly said...

Yeesh. 36 hours of a roar would probably get on the nerves...

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Matt - I will post when the 'net is available.

PH: it did, after the first few hours. I found myself wondering, with every new blast, if the neighbor's trees would finally enter our kitchen.