21 September 2012

Friday in the A.M.

It's dry this morning, but AccuHunch says we have a roughly 12-hour break from rainfall before the next storm reaches us. For a place that normally gets little rain, we've sure had our share.
from adn.com
Flood watches, advisories and warnings continue through the region.
from ktuu.com

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A 59 year old man fell 30+ feet from an escalator in the Anchorage Convention Center last night; apparently he was "riding the rail", with fatal results. Witnesses claim he'd been drinking.

* * * * *

My tentative weekend plans include a trip to the range, but that depends on how hard it's raining.

Have a great day, friends, and thanks for stopping by.


On a Wing and a Whim said...

If this keeps up, are you going to rename the city "Sitka-on-Turnagain-Arm"?

Keep your powder dry, and have a good weekend!

Rev. Paul said...

Wing, Sitka's already taken. :) Maybe "Anchorage-in-the-Water" ...

CottonLady said...

We're praying for a wet Fall here in NW Texas and you're getting flooded! Hope the high winds have stopped for awhile for you.

It's amazing what excessive drinking will make people do, isn't it?

SIL fixed up a shooting range here on my farm, so don't have to go far for target practice anymore!


Rev. Paul said...

CottonLady, I know there areas still experiencing drought conditions, and our hearts go out to them. The south-central coast of Alaska has received well over two feet (in some cases, around 3 feet) of rain, just this month. I'd be happy to share.

I miss driving to a friend's farm to go shooting, and chafe at having to wait on others at the nearby range.

May God send you all the rain you need.

Jenny said...

Wow... lots of splashing. At least it ain't snow yet. :)

Hope you have a grand weekend!