22 September 2012

Good Day, Sunshine

Despite a gloomy AccuHunch forecaster promising a 70% chance of rain today, it's been dry and mostly sunny today. This is something unexpected, and quite welcome.

I suspect that we could use a couple weeks of sunny, windy, dry weather just to dry things out a bit. But if today is all we get, at least we've got the sun. :)
(a quick cellphone shot, just to get the post up)


drjim said...

Here's hoping you don't float away on us!
And the picture for your header is just beautiful!
Going to Alaska is one of those things I really have to do.

Rev. Paul said...

drjim, we'll be fine, if a bit water-logged. And thank you for the comment about the header: that's the Chena River at Pike's Landing in Fairbanks.

If/when you decide to visit, I'd be happy to be a source for advice on what to see & where to go. :)