28 September 2012

It's Friday Again


Normally I'd be happy ... nay, very happy ... about Friday, but this morning has been less than stellar. Chiefly because I left my cell phone on the dresser - and with it, my memory.

I can't even call my wife's cell & ask her to drop it by, on her way to work because the cell phone contains my memory.  Wait: it starts with a 5 ... um .... oh, never mind.

Did I mention the cell phone is my memory?

It's raining again, a steady drizzle rather than a downpour, but the soil is already saturated by nearly three weeks of heavy rains. Only half-seriously, we're one good 'quake away from folks on the lower hillside above town, sliding into Potter Marsh. 

That will make sense only to those of you who are familiar with Anchorage, but there have already been landslides to the Kenai Peninsula, and I doubt Anchorage is immune. Just lucky, so far.

* * * * *

The weatherman continues to say that we could see a rain/snow mix tomorrow, and the overnight lows will be dropping into the low 20s, if AccuHunch is to be believed.

Let the stampede to the tire shops begin, as people  who were waiting until mid-October to change over to snow tires suddenly awaken to the fact that winter cometh early, this year.

* * * * *

A quick scan of the local news reveals little of interest to Outsiders, so I'll stop with this. Thanks for swinging past my little corner of the 'net, friends, and have a great day!


ProudHillbilly said...

Um, I do well to remember my own phone number. All else resides in the cell phone memory.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

So, what is her number?

Ah, speed dial 5.

Rev. Paul said...

PH, exactly. And the only reason I remember mine is because it's a company phone, and I'm always telling someone what the number is.

WSF, it's speed-dial 2 on my cell phone ... which is why I can't remember the number. I never dial it directly. :)

threecollie said...

Same situation here. I can remember land lines from fifty years ago, but without my phone I can't call my kids. lol