03 September 2012

Labor Day, 2012

Up and At 'Em Dept:  Got an early morning* wake-up from a Texas acquaintance who apparently doesn't know she made the call. In my equally-early morning haze, I fumbled the buttons & wound up dropping the phone. Oh well, at least I'm up, right?

* * * * *

Windy Weather Dept: We're supposed to have three days of "mid-winter" weather. (Admit, you're thinking "snow" or "blizzard" right now, aren't you?)  No, this is winds at 60 to 75 mph, gusting to 90 mph. It's only an issue because in mid-winter, the trees are bare.

With all the tree in full leaf (yellowing, but not falling yet), there's a real danger of trees or branches being blown down - and that could be a problem.

* * * * *

Water, Water Everywhere Dept:  Speaking of winter storms arriving too early, Alaska's northwest coast is getting pounded. To quote this morning's paper, "A string of storms pounded the northwest village of Kivalina, sending a river to the highest levels on record and wrecking pipes that feed the local water plant. With no clean water for the 130-student schoolhouse and teacher housing, the superintendent canceled classes."

* * * * *

Who Wants Salad Dept: I've mentioned the huge cabbage & pumpkins produced by the rich volcanic soil & long hours of daylight, here. At the State Fair, a new world record cabbage has won first place, at 138.25 pounds. That's a lot of slaw, my friends.

* * * * *

Remember the Four Rules Dept: Two hunters, one cabin, one rifle being cleaned and "manipulated" when it went off. Tragic string of errors ensue. One dead. One big tragedy.

* Read, pre-dawn.

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