07 September 2012

Limited Connectivity, or The Retro Life (Updated)

We're rediscovering how much more slowly the mornings go when the boob tube produces only a blank screen. The half-hour niche we've set aside for waking slowly while sipping* coffee seems much longer without that set of talking heads in the room. Go figure.

One HUGE bright side to the lack of TV: no DNC coverage/Mighty O-man speech/analysis thereof.  :)

There's still no internet, of course. No one quite understands how the wifi from the same company can remain in place, but as long as it's working, as least I can crawl the web. Yeah, it's slower than my home connection - a LOT slower - but checking e-mail & writing these posts for my on-line friends has become part of my daily existence. 

Update: this morning's paper reports that 10,000 customers are without 'net/TV, and advises it could be another two to five days before service is restored. 

Places where fallen trees once stood are now changed to large spots of sawdust. We noticed that our home is right on the edge of the part of town where the largest number of customers were without power. There's a gas station 3 blocks from home which has been dark since Tuesday night; there lights were back on, this morning. I'm guessing they could ill-afford to be closed for 2 1/2 days.

A couple of the clinics in my building have been calling all their patients by using the staff's personal cell phones, as the phone lines remain just as dead as the 'net. Others, using the alternate company, haven't any problems at all.

My guess is that Tuesday's hurricane-force winds exposed a long-standing weakness in the off-line company's infrastructure ... else, it wouldn't have knocked down the entire grid this way.

But it's Friday, and I have the web at work, as well as phones & my own two feet. Life is good - and it certainly beats the alternative.  

Have a great day, friends; thanks for stopping by.

* Okay, guzzling the first cup as quickly as possible, then making the second cup last a bit longer.


armedlaughing said...

"Ours is not to reason why..."

Hang in there!


Rev. Paul said...

GFA, exactly. Besides, what else could I do?