25 September 2012

More Flood Warning; Interior Hunters Stranded by Rising Waters

From today's Daily News: 
"The latest round of widespread flooding to hit Southcentral Alaska is aimed at the Kenai Peninsula. On Monday, the National Weather Service extended a flood warning for the Kenai River until 5 p.m. on Thursday over an area extending from Kenai Lake to the mouth of the river."

Flood waters are receding in most other locations, but folks to the south of us are getting hit again. Heavy rains are also expected in the area.

* * * * *

From ktuu.com (local NBC affiliate station):
"An Alaska State Troopers helicopter began evacuating several hunters along with their families and children from a remote area off the Denali Highway.
 "The hunters were stranded at Butte Creek, which was overflowing from several days of heavy rains.
"We do have a report that there is a hunter, that tried to cross Butte Creek, and essentially the report came in saying that he went in the creek and almost immediately went underwater and didn't come back up," said AST Spokeswoman Megan Peters.

"Peters says the rescue helicopter cannot transport any gear, guns or game the hunters have with them; as a result, some of the hunters decided to stay behind with their stuff until the water recedes.  Several of the hunters brought ATV's with them."
The station also reports that some hunters refused to leave their game & gear, but are opting to remain in camp until the creeks recede. There's a video report at the link.

* * * * *

The latest weather report puts Anchorage more-or-less in the eye of the storm, so to speak. Our weather is expected to be mostly dry, if a bit windy. Wind is our friend at this point, drying out the saturated soil. Perhaps the Wet Bunny Range will be able to reopen, too; that would be a nice outing. Weather's kept us mostly at home for the last three weeks.


DR said...

Prayers have been sent!!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, DR. A lot of people here need all the prayers they can get!