24 September 2012

More Flooding, More Evacuations

From the Anchorage Daily News, the flooding of the last 10 days keeps getting worse:

* The National Weather Service has extended the Nenana River flood warning until 12:15 p.m. Tuesday. Water rising in low-lying areas in the town of Nenana.

* Mat-Su Borough officials say Talkeetna residents should continue to boil their water Monday while crews test the safety of water sources. 

* On the Kenai Peninsula, some people living in low-lying areas near the rising Kenai River are being advised to evacuate. The river is expected to rise 6 inches, according to the Kenai Peninsula Borough.
A National Weather Service flood warning has been extended until 10 p.m. Tuesday.

* The Kenai River Special Management Area will be closed to all boating traffic starting at 1 p.m. Monday due to high water levels, according to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.
State parks director Ben Ellis ordered the closure due to flooding conditions that make river travel unsafe, according to DNR.

* An article about the aftermath of flooding in the Talkeetna area is here. 

There's new flooding in the Nenana area, and near Denali National Park. Thousands of square miles affected, with thousands of homes either flooded or directly threatened. This just keeps going, and we keep getting more rain.

But you won't hear this on your local news; we're not near New York City or Los Angeles. Some producer's home near Hollywood may be threatened by a wildfire, then Katy-bar-the-door, but let homes be washed away up here, and the media can't be bothered.


Keads said...

Good Luck!

Rev. Paul said...

Kelly, thank you. We're doing fine, but have friends who are sleeping two and three families in a house, due to rising water.

Old NFO said...

Well, SOME of us care! And yeah, out of sight, out of mind up there. Besides y'all are all Republicans, so you don't "need" any help... sigh

Rev. Paul said...

NFO, I know you folks care - and we appreciate it very much. But you're right on both points.

drjim said...

I'll say an extra little prayer for you and yours tonight.

Rev. Paul said...

drjim ... thank you, sir.