19 September 2012

Morning Lull

Last night's winds were strong, but not vicious and destructive like the previous storms of the last two weeks. Only 200 customers are in the dark, according to the local news. Winds are mostly calm this morning, with light rain falling, but the wind is expected to re-intensify this afternoon, peaking between noon and 4 pm at 20 to 40 mph, gusting as high as 70 mph here in town. They will be stronger at higher elevations and in open areas.

The bigger story is the heavy rain that's falling across the area. For a place like Anchorage that sees only 1/4" of rain in a summer month, two or three inches in two weeks seems a lot - and results in flooded intersections and standing water in parking lots. We have virtually no storm drains - again, because we so rarely see anything like a heavy rain - so it takes awhile for the water to disappear.

Towns to the south have seen much worse: Seward is expected another 9" of rain over the next 24 hours, and Cordova could see another foot ... and that on the heels of the 12 to 18 inches they've already received.

Streams and rivers are out of their banks, and there have been some landslides in the mountain passes above Seward.

This is a very strange month, weather-wise. Meanwhile, there's fresh snow on the mountains every couple of days. While temps in Anchorage are moderate (low 40s at night, and mid-50s in daytime), the cooler air isn't far away. We've already seen overnight lows in the 20s, when the sky is clear.

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Meanwhile, life goes on, and south-central Alaskans go to work ... as should I. But before I go, please read "Why are we even having this debate in America?" It sums up today's political scene as well as anything I've read.

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Groundhog said...

Excellent article you linked to. I shall do so myself. Remember, don't wear your parachute pants today!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Groundhog; I shan't wear anything which catches the wind. :)

Old NFO said...

Glad y'all are okay and that is a good link too!

Rev. Paul said...

Thank you, sir!