04 September 2012

Now That the Weatherman Scared Us,

he's saying that the 90 mph winds he said were coming yesterday, won't be here until this afternoon. And oh yes, they'll gust to 100 mph.

Of course, they believe in scary headlines to garner attention ... the really strong winds won't be in the flattest part of town, but only on the upper mountainsides above the city, where the gazillion-dollar homes are. In Anchorage proper, AccuHunch guesses we'll have 40 to 60 mph winds, tops.

Well, that's much better.   (/sarc)

Y'all stay safe; we'll take care of business here. If falling branches don't knock out the power, I'll have an update later in the day.


Matt said...

Well if you do lose power you'll at least be ready far more than most of the people down here would be.

Rev. Paul said...

Matt, that's true. My family's in good shape, vis-a-vis preparations for that sort of thing. And our weather is more moderate than most places to the south, so ... other than the possible inconvenience ... we're okay.