15 September 2012

Seen While Shopping

Visited a new (to me) gun shop today: the Ammo Box, here in Anchorage. Not just new, but used & lots of surplus (US military and others).

Saw this while I was there, and had trouble not just grabbing a couple.

There were a LOT of used rifles and shotguns, including an M1A Garand that I held lovingly & tried not to drool on. Asking price was $759 ... tough to resist, as well.


Old NFO said...

There 'may' be some real finds in a place like that... Shop 'carefully' :-)

maddmedic said...

Can I pick you a Mosin up here? Fleet Farm has them for 89.00 right now.
How to get it to you...

Corey said...

Thats a great price on a Garand

Ajdshootist said...

Some nice wood on those Mosin's there
much nicer than the light wood colour of most of the ones i see here in the UK.

Differ said...

You could do better than $149 - I paid $117 inc tax in June. Rifle shoots great, though bolt is stiff after each round. Wood is badly varnished (during pre-storage refurb I guess) but cleaned up nice and responds well to linseed oil.
More in posts at my1970camaro.blogspot.com