23 September 2012

Sunday Mornin' Coming Down

We awoke this morning to more rain, which continues to come down in a steady drizzle. That's a sound with which we're all too familiar, these days.

Yesterday was sunny for the most part, against all odds and in stark contrast to the weather forecast which called for another all-day 'rain event'.

Yesterday may also have been the last day of fall's fading glory. The colors are going fast, along with the leaves. Friday seemed to be the peak of the color, here, but it rained all day. Any peek of sunshine made the leaves glow but didn't last long enough to capture pictures, which came out dull and drab.

If the rain lets up at all, Older Daughter and I are headed to the range this morning. The centerfire rifle line is covered (and heated, for that matter, not that we'll need it today) but the rimfire line is not. She only has a .22, at present, but today we'll discuss things such as at what distance she wishes to shoot, whether for hunting or just target practice, etc. As I recall, at least one of the ammo manufacturers (Remington, I think it was) lets you compare two different calibers side-by-side by using ballistics tables.

That's on the agenda for this morning, so we'll see what the results are.

All y'all have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.

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