26 September 2012

The Best Thing About Today

is that there's only a slight chance of rain. We're overdue for some "drying out" time. But there's more rain on Friday, they tell us; ah, well.

* While Anchorage and the Mat-Su Borough try to dry out, a flood warning remains in effect until 5 p.m. Thursday for the Kenai River and western Prince William Sound. This affects most of the Kenai Peninsula, to the south.

* It was down to 44 degrees at 8 pm yesterday, with clearing skies. The full moon was a nice touch, too. :) If these clouds ever clear up, it's gonna be chilly.

* A hunter from Wasilla was swept away and is presumed drowned, after trying to ford a flooded creek on his ATV.

Okay, work is beckoning. Later, y'all!


Sandy said...

Beautiful eagle picture on your blogger page!!
Be safe, hopefully the rain you're expecting will just be a drizzle and no flooding.

Brigid said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying the cooler days after the blistering summer. But based on the number of nuts on the ground, if the old timers are right, we're going to have a lot of snow this winter!

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Sandy. The rains this weekend will prolong the high water, but shouldn't make it worse. That in itself is a blessing.

Brigid, I don't blame you for wanting the cooler weather. I saw that "nutty" picture on your site - and we have a LOT of fresh snow on the mountains today. Could be snowy everywhere; global warming, ya know.