07 September 2012

The Cortex Has Been Restored

at work.  I called my oldest, who's at home getting ready for work, and she said cable's on there, too, so that means I'll have intarw3bz when I get home.

(insert happy dance)

No 'net is a minor inconvenience, but still something we missed quite a bit.

I may leave the morning news off from now on, though ... been enjoying these quiet mornings, the last couple of days.


Stephen said...

Funny what we miss, isn't it.

Rev. Paul said...

Yes it is, Stephen. My grandparents would probably have laughed at the silliness of a blog, too.

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Glad to hear you and family made it through with no damage or harm!

There's definitely something to be said for restraining politics until later in the day, and enjoying quiet mornings. I'm starting to restrain it to the weekends, and find I'm happier after work that way.

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Wing. Agreed.