09 September 2012

Welcome, New Friend - and a Bit More

I see eiaftinfo has clicked the "Follow" button over there on the sidebar. Welcome, sir!

* * * * *

Both daughters are headed out to Wet Bunny Rifle Range this afternoon. I had intended to go, but the new sling I ordered from the Appleseed store hasn't arrived yet, although the USPS insisted first that it would be delivered on the 4th, and now says the 8th.

You'll pardon my skepticism.

Yes, I could finish zeroing that new scope by using a lead sled, but where's the fun in that? It's no test of skill to hold the rifle in a vise while shooting.

* * * * *

We've just finished cleaning the big window in the living room, and the smaller one in the kitchen. Let's see: bottle of vinegar/water mix in one hand, squeegee in the other hand, and swatting yellow jackets with the other other hand.

Necessary, but not a lot of fun.  :)


Ajdshootist said...

And people wonder why i call our local UPS the "Useless Parcel Service".

Rev. Paul said...

AJD, I understand, but this happens to be the U.S. Postal Service. UPS here is somewhat more reliable ... and faster.