13 September 2012

Windstorm, The Sequel: Here it Comes Again

Forecasters tells us that we'll have more heavy rains and 25 to 45 mph winds this weekend. Hundreds (thousands?) of trees in the area are leaning at a 30-degree angle, due to the rain-softened soil and the 90 to 130 mph winds of a week ago.

The expectation is that many of those will fall when the winds hit us again on Saturday.

I know it could be worse - much worse - in the grand scheme of things; still, I look out the back windows & see a neighbor's tree that's just touching the side of our house. The branches were six to seven feet away, prior to last week.  Heck, the durned thing might fall over just from the rain we'll get.

Oh, well. It hasn't far to fall, and therefore won't have much momentum when it goes. I'm not concerned about structural damage, so ... it could be worse.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... City Hall has informed the Anchorage P.D. that many of its most recent academy graduates may be laid off, if the police union isn't willing to make concessions to allow the Assembly & Mayor to keep the rookie cops.

The Alaska State Troopers did ride to the rescue & address the newbies, saying they have openings to accommodate anyone who's laid-off here.  Employees facing layoffs don't often get a parachute like that.

* * * * *

It occurs to me that mornings would be better if they didn't arrive so early in the day.  I'll close with that bit of profundity.

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armedlaughing said...

Hunker down. Batten down the hatches.
But, you already knew that!


Old NFO said...

Be careful!