07 October 2012

A Change of Plans

I admit it: I wimped out. Didn't go to the Wet Bunny range as planned, but then it seems my daughters didn't either. They headed 40 miles up the highway to the Birchwood Range (a much nicer facility with longer rifle distances & more options, but also more expensive).

But after the morning workout, and then stops at several stores on the way home, I let the falling rain dampen* my enthusiasm for standing in it & trying to put holes in wet paper.

But we managed to find some real deals on things the girls have requested for birthdays (both are October babies) and Christmas. One, I got for half what I thought I'd have to spend, and well below retail. Can't say what it is, for now, since they both read this blog.  Sorry, Mel, you'll just have to wait and see.


But it's turning out to be a good day, just the same. Heard from a good friend, and my wife is fixing a pot roast for tonight, and her award-winning chili for the upcoming week.

There will be some interesting - and tantalizing - aromas around here, this afternoon.

* Yeah, yeah, I know. Pun intended. :^)


drjim said...

"Award Winning Chili"???

Can you FedEx a pot of it down here to Kaliforniastan??


Keads said...

Oh, the chili recipe would be nice. Just sayin'

Old NFO said...

Chili??? :-)

Rev. Paul said...

drjim, Keads, NFO: I asked my wife about publishing the recipe. She laughed and said, "I don't think so."

Sorry. But MAN is it good!

drjim said...

Yep, few things beat a good bowl of red!

Rev. Paul said...