10 October 2012

Alaska Digest, 10/10/12

Smoke On The Water Dept.:  State troopers are still looking for a plane that crashed in Tikchik Lake near Dillingham. Witnesses report that the plane landed hard and may have dipped a wingtip into the drink; they say the plane flipped and then sank. Searchers have been using a skiff with sonar to locate the plane, but can't see anything through the murky waters of the lake.

More Water Dept: A man died on the Twentymile River, east of Girdwood, when his boat overturned.

Water, Water Everywhere Dept: Another man is missing and presumed dead after wading into Portage Lake, chasing a canoe which drifted away from shore.

Water, Once More Dept: A Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued two men who were stranded after their 28-foot pleasure craft ran aground in Resurrection Bay near Seward. At least no one died, this time.

But Not a Drop to Drink Dept: Inupiat Eskimo villagers in Kivalina face six or more months of melting ice or snow any time they're thirsty or want to cook, this winter. Freezing temperatures halted the work of filling the village's two water storage tanks. They need a million gallons, normally pumped from the nearby Wulik River, but temps have dropped too low to run the pumps. Kivalina is 83 miles north of the Arctic Circle, on a barrier reef on the Chukchi Sea, on Alaska's northwest coast.

Hold On, It's Coming Dept: AccuHunch Weather guesses we could see snow by Tuesday or Wednesday, next week. It's that time of year. Temps across much of Alaska are in the 30s. Today could well be the last time we'll see anything here in Anchorage approaching the 50-degree mark, this year.


armedlaughing said...

I'm thinking jammies with the feet in them, and no water!

But, what do I know?


Rev. Paul said...

Guffaw, about those jammies w/ feet: if you lived here, you'd probably find them too warm. We acclimate to the colder climate, and can overheat very rapidly.

DR said...

I like to know how you guys do that. I have lived in Wisconsin for seven years and still have not acclimated to the weather. I guess my body just prefers the South.

Rev. Paul said...

DR, it's keyed to the year-round climate. I suspect WI gets a lot warmer in the summer than we do. When the temp ranges from 70 in summer to -25 in winter, we adjust to that range. Our bodies actually produce more blood, and the blood gets thicker to help hold the heat. Happens in high altitude locations, too.