07 October 2012

Another Grey Day

It rained again last night; the trees still have tiny drops of water beaded on the ends of the twigs. Looks like a million tiny Christmas lights in what dreary morning light we have.

Heading out to the gym now, and trying to find time for a trip to the range, afterward. Older Daughter will be firing her Ruger LC9 for the first time, this morning, and I'd love to join her. My 1911 has been getting lonely.

Too many projects, and the weekends are too short.


Jenny said...

Sounds purty!

Best of luck on the projects, happy range day (I hope) and happy King's Mountain day! :)

Rev. Paul said...

Thanks, Jenny. It has begun raining in earnest again, dampening (pun intended!) my enthusiasm for a range trip. The girls have gone to Birchwood Range, and ... I haven't. :(