12 October 2012

A New Rifle & A New Follower

You may recall that both daughters asked for rifles for their birthdays, this month. At least we've been able to fulfill one of those requests.

Daughter Samantha's main present was a Marlin XT-22VR:

It's a relatively new model. From Marlin's website:

Caliber 22 LR (70835)
Capacity 7-shot magazine
Action Blued bolt action, thumb safety, red cocking indicator
Trigger Pro-Fire® Adjustable
Stock Black synthetic Beaver-tail stock with palm swell, full pistol grip, molded in swivels, and stippled grip areas
Barrel 22" blued heavy varmint barrel with Micro-Groove® rifling (16 grooves) and recessed muzzle
Twist Rate 1:16
Sights Includes rear and front scope bases only. Receiver grooved for scope mount, drilled and tapped for scope bases
Overall Length 41"
Weight 6 lbs. 

Of course, we outfitted it with a variable .22WMR scope from Simmons, and her sister contributed three 10-round magazines.  I took a picture of Sam with the new rifle last night, with her phone, and haven't received that from her yet.

She's one happy camper, and can't wait for our range trip on Sunday to try it out.

* * * * *

A hearty "welcome aboard" to Joey, whom I believe is also known as Senior Chief - a blogger whose work I began following yesterday. If you're a foodie, or into prepping (both good things) you'll enjoy his writing.


ProudHillbilly said...


Rev. Paul said...

PH, it's a remarkably stout-feeling rifle, with the fore-end forming a wide, almost triangular shape. The bull barrel adds heft to the thing as well, and I'm betting it's going to be a tack-driver.

Matt said...

I was hoping you would give her something in .338....

Rev. Paul said...

Matt, she only asked for the .22 ... the .338, however, is on my wish list. :)