17 October 2012

Northern Lights & Other Things

Fire in the Sky Dept: There's a time-lapse video of the aurora over Anchorage from last Friday here.

* * * * *

Fly Like an Eagle, Only Not So Much Dept: The changing of the seasons is hard on pilots, and there have been a number of fatal crashes in the last month. In the latest, a cargo plane crash in Skwentna has left the pilot dead. The C-1A went down somewhere between 20 and 60 miles northwest of Wasilla; the article doesn't offer any more precise location.

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Strange Things in the North Woods Dept: A shooting which is so far unexplained has resulted in another man dead. He was found at a cabin near Willow, some 60 miles northwest of Anchorage.

* * * * *

I Fought the Law Dept: No list of current goings-on up here would be complete without the Unalaska Police Blotter. In the latest - and I quote - "Celebrity Piddles in a Puddle":

Suspicious Person/Activity – Officer observed a "Deadliest Catch" star urinating in puddle and advised the man, as he zipped his pants and denied any such activity, that it was illegal to urinate in public.

Harassment – Two taxi drivers reported that they were each being harassed by the other, via rude phone calls. An officer suggested they might want to consider not phoning one another, thus possibly alleviating the problem.

* * * * *

Shuffle Off, Buffalo Dept: The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, located near Portage (45 miles from Anchorage) has a herd of 135 Wood Bison, which will be too many for the pasture there to support. State officials have announced that they'll cull the ten oldest, which are past prime breeding age, and the meat will be donated to local charities. Each bull is larger than a polar bear.

In 2014, the herd will be released into the wild.


Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, Alaska DOES get strange some times... :-)

Rev. Paul said...

NFO: that is undeniably true, but it's the quirkiness that makes it fun.